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This new auditioned ensemble includes some of Rochester's finest choral singers, both avocational and professional. There will be 6-10 paid positions available for each concert cycle. First Inversion welcomes singers who love choral music, have significant choral experience, and who wish to use each rehearsal and performance as an opportunity to improve their own musicianship and choral artistry.

Rehearsals will encourage the letting go of old or unhelpful styles of learning, thinking, and singing in order to allow each individual's artistry to become more fearless and selfless every step of the way. A "connection-first" approach will inspire fast-paced learning of notes, rhythms, and techniques. Ultimately, this ensemble will provide a safe place where singers can continually invert and transform their choral musicianship for the better through a mindful, self-aware approach to communal music creation.

Please take note of the schedule of rehearsals and concerts below, and then follow these three steps to schedule an audition:
1.) Let me know your interest and intentions via the quick survey link at the bottom of this page.
2.) Sign up for an audition time using the scheduling link below.

Rehearsals will be held either at the Eastman School or Downtown Presbyterian Church. In any concert cycle, attendance at the six primary rehearsals is preferred. A minimum of five rehearsals is required for participation in any concert cycle.

Thank you for your interest in first inversion! I hope to hear from you soon. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas to share.

Lee Wright
Founder and Artistic Director,
First Inversion


Cycle 1: Hasse and Vivaldi, November 2015

Sat 10/31 10-Noon Optional Rehearsal DPC
Sun 11/1 3-5PM Optional Rehearsal DPC

Mon 11/2 7-9:30PM Rehearsal DPC
Thur 11/5 7-9:30PM Rehearsal ESM

Sat 11/7 10-Noon Rehearsal DPC
Sat 11/7 1-3PM Rehearsal DPC

Mon 11/9 7-9:30PM Rehearsal DPC
Thur 11/12 7-9:30PM Rehearsal ESM

Sun 11/14 8-10PM Performance DPC
Sun 11/15 4-6PM Performance DPC


Cycle 2: Howells Requiem, January 2016

Sat 1/9 10-Noon Optional Rehearsal DPC
Sun 1/10 3-5PM Optional Rehearsal DPC

Mon 1/11 7-9:30PM Rehearsal DPC
Thur 1/14 7-9:30PM Rehearsal ESM

Sat 1/16 10-Noon Rehearsal DPC
Sat 1/16 1-3PM Rehearsal DPC

Mon 1/18 7-9:30PM Rehearsal DPC
Thur 1/21 7-9:30PM Rehearsal ESM

Fri 1/22 7:30-9:30PM Performance DPC
Sat 1/23 8-10PM Performance DPC


Cycle 3: Women Composers, April 2016

Sat 4/9 10-Noon Optional Rehearsal DPC
Sun 4/10 3-5PM Optional Rehearsal DPC

Mon 4/11 7-9:30PM Rehearsal DPC
Thur 4/14 7:30-10:00PM Rehearsal ESM 305

Sat 4/16 10-Noon Rehearsal DPC
Sat 4/16 1-3PM Rehearsal DPC

Mon 4/18 7-9:30PM Rehearsal DPC
Thur 4/21 7-9:30PM Rehearsal ESM (OSL 101)

Sat 4/23 8-10PM Performance DPC
Sun 4/24 4-6PM Performance DPC

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