Please join me on this choral adventure called First Inversion! Driven by my deep commitment to community and collaboration, First Inversion brings together both professional and avocational singers from the Eastman School of Music and the larger community with the goal of true personal and musical growth for all through a focus on fearless and selfless musical expression. When singers truly open to each other and to their audience with vulnerability and mutual respect, the music transcends social and economic divides, opening a space for honest communication and lasting connection. Disclaimer—The rest of this paragraph is dedicated to the music nerds out there. If that's not you, you can feel free to skip to the second paragraph (or continue at your own risk!). - The name "First Inversion" is inspired by the second chord in the opening tenor aria from Handel's Messiah, Comfort Ye. This particular chord—E Major in first inversion—has always charmed me. Its simple and elegant openness inspires me. First inversion triads suggest (almost insist upon) forward motion. They are not stable. They heighten our expectations and increase our awareness about what will happen next. I hope that First Inversion will do the same for both singers and audience alike. I invite you to take part in this shared, forward-moving experience!

For the singers, this ensemble will provide a safe place where they can continually invert and transform their choral musicianship through a mindful, self-aware approach to communal music creation. In turn, our audience will experience honest, human expression through some delightful, under-sung choral music.

Rather than focusing energy on obtaining large donations and grants to support its operation, this ensemble strives to connect with audiences through ticket sales. We want to sing for people, and we will sing for people who want to connect with us and hear the great choral music we offer. Instead of raising large amounts of money to perform for a small audience, we want to be sure that you will come and bring your friends, so that everyone takes part in making First Inversion possible. Tickets may be purchased through this website with a credit card, or with cash or check using a printable mail-in order form. (Please see our ticketing pages for more information.) Minimal funds will be spent on advertising and marketing. 83% of our budget directly supports the artists involved. Community building is our goal.

I hope you will buy a season ticket and connect with us this season. In addition to very reasonable traditional ticket prices for adults and students, we offer "name your own price" ticketing to fit everyone's budget. Please join us!


Lee Wright
Founder and Artistic Director,
First Inversion